I’m here, typing again

Went Karaoke with a couple of friends. As an adventure I suggested we go to the one we don’t usually visit. Much impressed by the time and effort my friends put in in deciding whether we should or not go to another Karaoke due to a list of factors on their mind. Later the store sort of surrendered and renovated for us a room of the right size. We were satisfied.

My friends started saying that listening to me singing becomes no fun because it is almost like listening to mp3 and doesn’t remind them of being in a KTV. That was quite fair. They were trying to tune things down to the negative end and I appreciated it. I guess I did benefit from my regular singing and certain things started coming more natural to me than others who don’t. I attempted to explain something that still lingered in my mind that I heard here and there from my choir experiences. Maybe it’s time to be more aware of them and start a collection of warm-up instructions. =D

Terribly bothered by my hair. Was debating whether to cut it short and induce a sensation. =p Having made an appointment at the hairdresser anyway. Let’s see.

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