Settle down


今天一早又跑去宜家,準備把缺的傢具給買齊,拿著滿二百五打掉五十的優惠券,加上上次買的一千多塊送的百分之十。好像是有生以來第一次這麼用力地省錢,自己都被感動了。算著差不多去結帳,好玩的是,兩件東西打出來的價錢比標著的要便宜好多。不幸只能回去又領上一個櫃子好湊足二百五。不是所有墨西哥人都懶惰, 今天便遇到一個非常主動幫我裝貨,十分感激。當然,哪有女生一個買滿一車的。趁機獻獻殷勤還是很有助於自我膨脹的。回家自己卸貨便卸得十分狼狽,大件基本都是滾著走。幸好姐姐我住一樓,門口噴了一圈殺螞蟻/蟑螂劑後開始搬運。組裝完畢是下午五點,家裡終於變得比較像樣子了。

3 thoughts on “Settle down

  1. The deathly horrors of the 14th century —such as recurring famines ; the Hundred Years’ War in France ; and, most of all, the Black Death —were culturally assimilated throughout Europe. The omnipresent possibility of sudden and painful death increased the religious desire for penitence , but it also evoked a hysterical desire for amusement while still possible; a last dance as cold comfort. The danse macabre combines both desires: in many ways similar to the mediaeval mystery plays , the dance-with-death allegory was originally a didactic dialogue poem to remind people of the inevitability of death and to advise them strongly to be prepared at all times for death (see memento mori and Ars moriendi ).

  2. This week on A Prairie Home Companion with Garrison Keillor, we rewind to September 2010 and our broadcast from the Minnesota State Fair Grandstand. Sara Watkins sings “I’ll Be Home,” Jearlyn and Jevetta Steele join Garrison on “Swing Down Chariot,” The Cactus Blossoms harmonize on “Crazy Arms,” and the Anoka High School Marching Band performs “Danse Macabre.” In Lake Wobegon, fall begins to settle in.

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